Asian Punk Boy

I remember the first time i had ever come across Terence Koh, it was purely by accident- i stumpled across this website called asian punk boy and got lost in its down the rabbit hole’ format! every page links to anyother seemingless radom page, you never know what will meet you from on to another. I was so intriqued, as a format for a webite this was just kaos and i had never come across one that went it one bizarre way like that. I began to do research on the artist and found out that like myself he works across many disiplines – photography, sculptures, installations, performance even down to handmade books and zines. Much of his work involves ueer punk and pornographic sensibilities.  While i love some of his work i have a bit of a distaste for his no art performance, not performing because he IS art, but he is taking on the pop culture and im sure we will be seeing a LOT more of this man- so here is asian punk boy!

For me, my ultimate favorite piece of his work is Black light, but expect to see many different artists use of chandeliers on this blog!

These Decades that we Never Sleep, Black light


Crystal Chandelier, paint, lollipops, veatable matter, human and horse hair, mineral oilrope from a ship found after midnight, glass sards, stones, and artists blood and shit

190 x 72 cm

“Taking the form of a boudoir chandelier, Terrence Koh’s These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Light hangs with a tempting anticipation; its heavy weight dangles, both dangerous and beguiling, dripping opulent crystals and bijou. Rather than illuminating, the sculpture’s deadened black surface promises to devour. Flirting between pleasure and pain, lust and death, Koh offers a dark romanticism, filled with apprehension and possibility.”

-saatichi gallery

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