Skelton love: Alessandra Exposito

Just a super quick post before work!! Yesterday was a terrible day, had to go a funeral of a relative . But while it was upsetting it was amazing to catch up with all my family i had not see for ten years! i so did not remember any of my cousins! I got to see pictures of my granny and my great granny , really old  photos that held a memento mori setiment to me since they are no longer with us.  And the strangest but most exciting outcome of the day was…… that i have been promised a skeleton of a deer, a calf and a  dog. Full skeletons, fully articulated!!!! Apparntly I will ahve quite a supply! cant wait to start casting all the pieces!!!

There is only one artist i know that deals with such big skeletons in his work and that is Alessandra Exposito!  Here are some images of his amazing work!! Is bones and Ceramic sculpture!

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