Reliquary boxes and vatican saints!

Purely becase of its history steeped in art and its scewed culture I have long since had a fascination with the Roman Catholic Religion, absolutely nothing to do with faith or belief as i believe they are a bunch of crooked child abusing monsters, however in the past the most amazing art and sculpture has come from the church and its a hugh inspiration on most things that i do. I began making last night, small little contemporary reliquary boxes just for fun but i would also like to do some for a more serious sculpture project. My inspiration for this project comes form this Vatican Saint! After reading about him i was able to do research into all sorts of fascinatting alters of worship that involved bodies, skulls or bones!

“He is the saint that is supposed to bring blessings to the Vatican priesthood. His skeleton is kept for display, but the skull is covered by a mask. His heart has been cut out.”

Bishop William E. Lori’s message on the Aug. 4th, during the memorial Mass for all deceased Knights of Columbus. The crowed was gathered to celebrate the feast of  St. John Vianney.

“Just as you, dear members of the family of the Knights of Columbus: Stand in solidarity with the Holy Father, your bishops, and your priests, so too we stand in solidarity with you, in a solidarity of that love which overflows from the heart of Jesus and leads us and our loved ones to joys of everlasting life,”.

This is what Associated Press (AP) recorded in 2006:

 (AP) MERRICK, N.Y. In life, St. John Vianney was a revered 19th-century French clergyman who was said to be blessed with the ability to read the hearts of worshipers. In death, his own heart has became an object of worship.

For reasons unknown, Vianney’s body never decayed after death, and his heart and body have been encased in separate glass reliquaries in France for more than a century.

The heart and Vianney’s chalice will be placed at the front of the altar, where people can alternately walk past the relics and pray, or attend various Masses and other events commemorating the visit. The brownish heart, with just a hint of pink in the middle, sits in a small glass case.

Vianney was the 19th century CurÄe (curate, or pastor) of the village of Ars in France, and died there in 1859. When his body was exhumed in 1904 because of his pending beatification, it was found intact. Except for one time in 1925, when the heart was taken to Rome for Vianney’s canonization, it has never left France.

Below  is a slideshow of images i collected so the post wouldnt be too post heavy, let it play as there are some great skull reliquary boxes in there!!

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