Reliquary Boxes

As i am busy making mini cabinets of curosities and reliquary boxes this is just a fast post of all the images i collected for this project..!

Skull from reliquary in Duomo Museum in Siena

rel’ i • quar’ y. A small box, casket, shrine, etc., for keeping or exhibiting a relic.
rel’ ic. 1. A corpse. 2. An object venerated by the faithful because of its association with a saint or other sacred person.
3. pl. Ruins; residue. 4. A survival; a vestige. 5. A souvenir; memento; often, a monument of the past..

This is a picture of a collection of “Holy skulls” in the crypt of a Orthodox Catholic cloister on the Greek island of Andros.

This skull in Pragh is of a man that made it through the beutification process done by the Vatican.

  A relic box full of fragments of bones of different people, the Vatican claims are from people of whom the identity have been proven, and bones made holy.

The collected remains of the head of John Cassian is at best parts of a skull.  This holy skull is collected in a Roman Catholic Church in Marseilles in France.

This is what a website records about “Holy bones in Saint-Victor Abbey in Marseilles”.

Display of reliquaries containing osseous remains of early Christian saints and martyrs, including the skull of saint John Cassian (top middle), and morsels of saints Agatha, Benignus, Caesarius, Constant II, Facondi, Felicity, Fidelius, Fortunatus, Justin, and many others.

Lots of pieces of holy bones, have been collected in Marseilles.

The part of the skull is kept for adoration and veneration.



Reliquary Museum At the Dubrovnik Cathedral in Croatia, the reliquary museum holds over 128 relics, and many beautiful reliquaries. The collection also contains what is said to be Baby Jesus's swaddling clothes , and a piece of the true cross. source - flickr

Taken in the monastery treasury, this is the bone relic of a saint, held up by red coral, inside a silver reliquary. At the Dominican Monastery in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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