Didnt get much of  a chance to finish my cabinet as i need to to have at least ten coats of paints to sand -back and antique it so when i finished work I just did a few small crafts as i was sooooooo fucking tired 😦 Have a really shitty job so I can pay for loads of stuff for the tattoo studio and get us through what are the 2 worst months coming up in this industry. This job sucks so bad…and I have to deal with a female manager who loves my boyfriend mikey and/or any male i work with and checks every single thing i do no matter how minuuuuute the value, so pedantic…she is nice only to men and as a tom boy myself i find this so fucked up!! i was hoping to be showing a painting on my blog tonight but instead its just a couple shitting crafts i did while i had some beers to wind down and remind myself its not forever!! I cannot wait until I work in my own tattoo studio everyday!

A little bird box! literally…it will be use to house a cute little bird skeleton i recently articulated. I only just started it the other night i still have to paint the whole thing and line the inside of the box with red velvet for mr tweety but thats a progress shot for you, tonight i finished putting mr tweety together and fitted him with new eyes so he can appreciate his new home when its done!

The butterfly feathers i will change this was just an experiment! i used to make skullerfly hair clips and just found a bunch of these mole skulls, they are sooooo cute! So i made some real skullerflies! i will re-word the idea tomorrow with red feathers!

I got a new sketch book with brown paper which is a first for me! did a water-colour painting for the front , cut it out decoupage style (!)and sealed it, got the permanent maker out to define the lines and when i did the whole thing blead to shit so i had to finish it in acrylics! its still as rough as hell but it was just an exercise to relax after a shitting day in shitting west cork!

Finally i reworked and old sketch i did of miss mosh, and added gold-leaf as a background.  Tomorrow hopefully i will have better work to show!  Anyway it got me back into a good mood so i think it deserves a show for that! Lol after reaching a new low of running to a store room to cry and have my bf and the evil manageress watch me on cctv  security It was a nice turnaround lol how pathethic!!!! ! anyway things got better as i also found an old cat skeleton!! i will have to sculpt and re-cast many bones again in resin but its almost complete! and this is the positon i want it in thank you so much Maurizio Cattelan for brightening up this day!!! ♥♥♥

The artwork is called felix and believe it or not its almost three metres high! I will be getting mold maker this week so learning how to make complete casts of my skeleton collect in resin for some projects i want to work on. I have found on ebay and bought powered stone, bronze and silver so it will be possible to have the look of these without having to fire as i dont have those facilities! There is so much exciting things you can do with cast stone or marble i must post about my favorite artist in this medium 2m, but for tonight it bed for me, have a day of the dead tattoo tomorrow i must design a muertos lady now 🙂 night

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