My Life Urn



My Life Urn (looks like this is no longer available) is a modern memento mori designed to carry a seed which will grow into a tree from the nutritional ingredients found in your placenta when you are born. The tree will live & change just like you through life depending on how you take care of it. When your time has come, My Life Urn will also serve as a carrier of your remains. Buried in the ground, your Tree of Life will keep on growing into a memorial symbolizing your time on earth.

 Research has found that people, when reminded of their own death, feels that life has more meaning; a purpose in the grand scheme of things. Something we seem to forget about in the Western society today where we seek for immortal solutions rather than just accepting our faith.

 Above post has been reblogged from I had to repost this info as i found it quiet interesting, I dont think its very practical design wise considering how big a tree and roots grow but I really love the concept of the piece and what memento mori artwork is all about, to remember your mortality!

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