Ethel Granger


Iwanted to do a post on the beautiful Ethel Granger who life was a story of sacrifice, suffering and devotion to Beauty. Ethel Granger has a love without limits for her husband which led her to deform herself.  Personally I can appriciate this ideal of  beauty, and would love toget into corsetting this year but not in such an extreme fashion! Ethel Granger’s aesthetic beauty can not be appriciated by everyone however and she was often seen more of a freakbody then one of ideal beauty. In September 2011 Vogue Italia did an editoral that was inspired by this amazing wiman who challenged the body beautiful and pushed the boundarys of her body to exhibit a more extreme beauty.

Ethel Granger, the woman with the smallest waist in the history of mankind (33cm!), was a product of fashion and sexual fetish. Her husband, astronomer William Arnold Granger, loved wast-waisted women and was also fiercely contrary, for example, to the empire line that emerged in 1958. Both William and Ethel were born in the early 1900s in Cambridgeshire and get married in 1928. William told Ethel about his appreciation for corsets and expressed his wish to feel one around the waist of his wife until one day she agreed to wear a corset. Initially Ethel was satisfied with wearing a corset only during the day, but William convinced her to keep it on while sleeping. After several years the result was Ethel’s legendary 13 inch (33cm) waist, the smallest waist ever recorded on that 50s institution The Guinness Book of Records. William referred not only to the efforts necessary to shrink one’s waist, but also to the hardships of high heels and piercings, both equally fundamental in his symbolist vision of fashion and femininity.

info and pics via fashiongonerouge;vogueitalia;


a touching behind the scene video

the editorial of vogue italy starring Stella Tennant, pictures by Steven Meisel

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    1. oh not at all feel free to use what you want i have it up to share! and also not to keep losing all the artists i find, in past 4 years of living in cork ive had two latops robbed so any pictures or book marks were lost, so going to keep it all online now!! 🙂 your make-up is amazing btw!

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