Jewelry Designer Eero Hintsanen

for more take a look at the website- I would love to do something like this! I bought a load of bird skull rings from china for my tattoo studio to sell and looking at them i was thinking how damm easy it would be for me to do something like that, I have so many little bones, skulls, full skeletons and I used to make carve or cast copies of them in pink wax to turn into bronze using the lost wax casting method but I no longer have any foundry facilities, Im applying this week for a grant from the arts council and if i get it i will certainaly be building a mini home foundry!  I had a look at the local jewellery making course and there is only mention of wire not welding lol no fun!!! Anyway I will make a seperate page on here for tutorials on metal work and sculpture if anyone is interested in it i’ll keep that up as well! 🙂

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