Polly Morgan

I first came across the artwork of polly morgan by accident i was reading a bit of news on the web about Courtney Love, apparently the singer was moving house and one of theremoval men mistook a piece of Polly Morgan’s sculpture for trash and dumped it, Courtney Love was ballastic about the mishap as the item in question was values around £11,000. Polly Morgan did not set out to be a fine artist but actually she wanted to be an actress, her work was just a hobbie until the lucky girl was discovered by banksy! Dear Banksy please come discover me to i can finally justify my strange hobbies and hoarding tendicies as fine art!

2 thoughts on “Polly Morgan”

    1. Oh brilliant thanks! sorry i have a shop so i got a bit distracted away from my blog only saw your comment now! I do know Kate MccGwire alright i have her in this blog twice already, I love he work! and her use of displays i wish i had the money to get such beautiful old museum displays for my own work! Just saw you blog and love it, might have some images i could pass on from the various anatomy related models and items i have myself! my newest addition to the shop is the billy bones (how your body works) full model with organs and muscles!

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