Daphne guiness- armor glove!

Daphne Guinness + her diamond glove armour
Contra Mundum ~ Latin for “Against the World” is a 5 year bespoke ‘glove’ project. A magnificent diamond glove by the creative spirit of a fashion icon and jewellery designer.

Over five years, Daphne Guinness in collaboration with Shaun Leane, created a white gold and platinum glove, studded with over 5,000 pavé white diamonds, set in the shape of a bird formation, and weighing over a thousand grams in 18ct white gold.

The Glove :: A diamond set armour-inspired piece
Striking diamond birds cascade around the arm, as though caught in mid-flight.

The hand is protected with a bold metal cuff, hand-forged and beautifully engraved.

Made in two parts, the cuff can be worn alone as a hand glove, or extended into an evening glove. Every detail in the piece, including the chainmail, has been carefully constructed by hand to ensure a perfect fit to Daphne’s arm. The glove was molded from Guinness’ own hand, and is a stylized armour made of precious metals, studded with gems



To read more about this beautiful work of art that took five years to make check out this website! http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/galleries/TMG8616646/Daphne-Guinness-wears-a-glove-which-took-five-years-to-make.html


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