The artwork of Angelique Houtkamp

Also when we were on our trip across Melbourne we found a gallery that had a lot of work by dutch artist angelique houtkamp , love her work so sweet! And im a big fan of this style of tattooing so was so happy when I walked into this gallery! The gallery was also filled with work of every lowbrow artist i love it was the most amazing place! If i find the name I will post it!!!!

2 thoughts on “The artwork of Angelique Houtkamp”

    1. oh thanks for reminding me!!! oh that was the best gallery i have ever been inside in my life!!! the day i was in there i saw audrey kawasaki, mark ryden, angelique houtkamp and sylvia ji it was the best place i ever walked into! they actually had some of angeliques skull sculptures and some prints of mark ryden were still for sale but i just didnt have the money! apparently any work by audrey kawasaki sold by phone before her stuff was even displayed! And the staff are all so nice, got postcard books of james jean and mark ryden there but hopefully i can afford the real work one day! sorry for rambling the thought of that place make me so happy 🙂

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