Terence Koh

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Terence Koh

Born: 1977

Hometown: Beijing, China

Lives and Works: New York, NY

Website: www.asianpunkboy.com

Education: BA, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

Terence Koh Bio

About The Artist

Terence Koh aka “asianpunkboy ” is known for mixing porn, queer, and punk culture together creating a stir in the international art community. His tongue-and-cheek humor often pokes fun at the same social constructs he thrives in. Channeling the brash attitude of Duchamp or Warhol, Koh has mastered the post-modern phenomenon of the marriage between artist and celebrity. With pieces titled Big White Cock and his own YouTube show, he has made enough of a name for himself to sell his own gold-plated feces for $500,000.

Koh’s openings are famous for their party-like atmosphere, often DJed by one of the artist’s friends. At his latest opening at the Whitney, Koh could be found dressed in all-white in the basement of the gallery accompanied by two albino parakeets.

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