Fragile Skeletons by Giovanni Longo

giovanni longo recovers wood to form fragile skeletons series

Fragile Skeletons is a series realized with the wood recovered on the beach from Italian artist Giovanni Longo.
As Giovanni says, the wood “is a sincere material that does not deny its own past and its own history.”
The first wood skeleton was created for a school exam in artistic anatomy.
The choice of the subject, the study of the original structure, the research on the field, the cleaning and the montage of the artworks are all part of a very precise and attentive process that gives to each sculpture an absolute amazing verisimilitude and an aspect almost scientific.

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giovanni longo, ‘launch stations’ (detail), 2013


giovanni longo, ‘twin lizards’, 2013

giovanni longo, ‘sedentary migratory’, 2012 
image © rocco guglielmo foundation

giovanni longo, ‘heads or tails?’, 2009

giovanni longo, ‘heads or tails?’ (detail), 2009

giovanni longo, ‘fragile dog’, 2007

giovanni longo, “forgetful ouroboros”, 54th venice biennale (academies of art pavilion), 2011 
image © lapo luchini

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