Polly Morgan

A love of animals and a desire to preserve them led Polly to learn the skills of taxidermy, and she’s been creating eerily beautiful still lives everysince. Instead of placing her creations in their natural habitats Polly juxtaposes them with unusual and unexpected surroundings, playing with scale and perception to force viewers to see the animals as if for the first time.

123677760_d9f2330c4b_o 150766855_6ff999dfa8_o 235307905_b6e1c023b1_o 3185035177_9cf4b68795_o 3185035389_0ea29d4d88_o 3185056271_099c41a35f_o 3185899674_8b42d6f80a_o 3185900006_94ff4f8ba8_o BlueFever_34018 mag-1280150408 Polly Morgan polly_morgan_june2010angus004 SystemicInflammation_34019

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