Lee Bul

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Lee Bul: From Me, Belongs to You Only

New works made especially for this show
The exhibition subtitle, “From Me, Belongs to You Only,” is a message to society in general but it also demonstrates Lee’s stance of emphasizing the personal relations and emotions of individuals, which tend to be overrun by the waves of political and social change. The phrase is rich with the suggestion that we should always be conscious of the relationship between the whole and the individual. We can observe same attitude in a new work made especially for this show, which will be exhibited at the end of the exhibition.

2059616LB_Mori_Art_Museum_Inst_2012_071 340795280LB_Mori_Art_Museum_Inst_2012_011 1330311726LB_Mori_Art_Museum_Inst_2012_041 1372642745LB_Mori_Art_Museum_Inst_2012_061 1593229972LB_Mori_Art_Museum_Inst_2012_051

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